Are you considering buying an investment home? You are not the only one - almost 200,000 Finns have already acquired an investment home, and the number is growing all the time.

As an investment, the apartment is relatively stable and profitable, as long as the investment is carefully selected. The RE / MAX broker in your area will help you find the right investment for you.

We will give you information about the price development in the area, we will use our contact networks to find properties and we will visit you with potential apartments.

Why housing investment?

  • The apartment is a relatively stable investment.
  • Rental income brings you a steady income stream.
  • You have the opportunity to benefit from the increase in value of the area.

As with all investing, expert advice is helpful in housing investing. The real estate agent is familiar with local price trends, quietly sold apartments and regional new developments

 Find out these things before buying an investment home 

  • Location and condition of the apartment
  • Market situation and future prospects in the region
  • Transportation and nearby services
  • Condition of the housing association, both completed and planned renovations
  • The rental situation of the apartment and the general rental level in the area


What if you left the search for a suitable investment to an expert

Make a purchase order and we will take care of the whole project. If you wish, we will also help you find a suitable tenant.

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