Are you looking for a new tenant or a rental apartment just right for you? We also cater for apartment rentals. Our experienced brokers are on the map of the demand and supply of rental housing in your area.


Why choose a RE/MAX home rental partner?

  1. We do thousands of rental assignments every year

    Experience in the rental housing market is a trump card. We know the market situation in your area and take care of the apartment rental process for you - in accordance with Good Rental Practice.

  2. We serve both landlords and tenants

    Whether you are looking for a good tenant or a suitable rental apartment for you, we will take care of the job - quickly and effortlessly.

  3. We invest in the skills of our brokers

    Most of our brokers have the Qualified Rental Real Estate Agent qualification and are familiar with up-to-date rental brokerage regulations and best practices.


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