Everyone at least sometimes thinks about the value of their current home. At the latest, you will be interested in it when a new home comes up in your mind.

Our real estate agents know your residential area and its housing market. In addition to their own expertise, our agents use up-to-date information on real estate transactions in your area. So you get a reasonable price estimate for your apartment, on the basis of which you can make a decision about selling your apartment without any worries.

Setting the property price to correct level at once is important 

The most common mistake in selling an apartment is to set the sale price of the apartment too high. An overpriced apartment will not attract buyers, and the sale period of the apartment will be extended. Long sales times make potential buyers pensive.
That is why we help you set the price of your property correctly at once. You will get the best possible price for your apartment.

Call a agent for estimate visit! It is a great way to get to know the agent!

The sale of an apartment or other property is rarely a minor event.Therefore, the real estate agent´s personality and expertise matter, and you can best get to know them by meeting the agent in person. During the free appraisal visit, the agent estimates your apartment and you can estimate your future agent at the same time: is there a trust and a shared vision?

For RE/MAX real estate agents, You and the property are always priority number one. We are ready to roll up our sleeves and put all our effort and expertise for the sale of your apartment.


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