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Our service package for the sale of an apartment

Below you will find introductions to our various service packages and their content. The commission is determined by the scope of the service package. We also know that each apartment is unique. So invite a RE / MAX broker for an assessment visit to your home, he or she can recommend a service package that is right for you and your home.


All RE / MAX service packages include

  1. A knowledgeable broker to help and support you

    Your RE / MAX broker will answer your questions and keep you informed of the progress of the home sale process.

  2. Joint sales force of 400 intermediaries

    Our brokers work together for the benefit of the client. So you have at your disposal not only the sales force of one broker, but the sales force and contact networks of 400 professionals all over Finland. In addition, a network of 150,000 RE / MAX brokers around the world is ready to look for potential buyers outside Finland.

  3. Home Sales Plan

    Well planned is half done. A home sale plan creates guidelines for selling a home and helps the home seller understand the progress and stages of the entire home sales process.

  4. Effective marketing

    You get the best marketing solutions on the market to reach just the right buyers.

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Our service package for buying an apartment

Easy is our service package for home buyers. It allows us to find the right home for you, and you don’t have to bother to find it: we take care of the whole buying process for you.
Brokerage: 400 € + 2,9% debt-free transaction price + documentary expenses according to expenditure incurred.
Commissions at leas 3,500€.
Fee includes 24% VAT

Our other services

Apartment rental

Renting your apartment is easily handled with our help. We take care of you:
  • assessment of the rental level of the apartment
  • photographing the apartment and preparing a rental brochure
  • marketing on Oikotie.fi and Remax.fi
  • housing demonstrations
  • documents related to renting an apartment
  • recommendations for tenant candidates and verification of candidates ’credit records
  • 12 month REMAX Rental Guarantee.
Price of the rental service: 1 month rent + VAT

Document services

Leave the preparation of the documents to us. A competent RE / MAX broker knows the legislation of the housing trade and ensures that everything is as it should be.
Preparation of the deed of sale
  • preparation of a deed of sale for a housing share starting from EUR 400 + actual document costs
  • preparation of a real estate deed from 500 euros + actual document costs.
Evaluation books
  • housing shares starting from 500 euros + km compensation + document costs 200 euros.
  • properties 800 euros + km compensation + document costs 200 euros.


Trade confirmation fee 120 euros + possible travel and document expenses

Other expert services 175 euros / hour

All prices include VAT (24%) excluding the trade confirmation fee

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