Selling an apartment requires time and dedication

The apartment is sold as follows: a housing declaration is prepared, a home screening is arranged for potential buyers and transactions are made. Or will it be sold? 

Ideally, the sale can go so smoothly, but most of the time, selling an apartment requires dedication.

Apartment sales work requires e.g.

  • assessing the price of the home and understanding the market situation in the area

  • assessing the price of the home and understanding the market situation in the area

  • obtaining housing-related documents

  • taking representative photographs and styling the apartment

  • preparation of a housing declaration for sale

  • contact with buyer candidates

  • negotiation skills

  • arranging and organization home showing

  • review of tender documents

  • preparation of a deed of sale.


Determine the price of the apartment correctly

There are always emotions associated with your own home, and therefore it can be difficult to look at with unbiased eyes. A potential home buyer can get excited about different things in your home that appeal to yourself.

Factors affecting the price of the apartment

  • location, size and condition of the apartment
  • price development and future prospects in the region
  • transport connections and services in the area
  • condition of the housing association and renovations made / plan

Home overpricing should be watched out for: buyers are usually well aware of the price level in the area and closely monitor supply. If, due to too high a price request, buyers' interest in the property remains low, the sale price of the apartment will have to be reduced. This, along with the extended sales period, reduces buyers ’interest in your home


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Changing the apartment, did you know this?

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