This is RE/MAX

  1. Worldwide Real Estate Network 

    We are part of the world’s largest real estate chain. We have 50 years of experience in successful brokerage work, and we support a network of more than 135,000 brokers in more than 110 countries. 

    We help more than a million customers make successful home transactions every year. As you read this text, RE/MAX brokers around the world have already sold more homes - we sell an apartment every 7 seconds. 

    RE/MAX landed in Finland in 2006, and now there are more than 400 of us RE/MAX employees in Finland.

  2. An advocate of local knowledge

    You can be sure that your realtor knows the local housing market as their own pocket and will take advantage of their networks to sell your home. Local knowledge significantly improves the chances of success for home sales.

  3.  A pioneer in entrepreneurship

    Your broker is never “just at work” at RE/MAX, but his or her way of working is based on entrepreneurship. Real Estate Agents who have an entrepreneur's burn to do business apply for jobs.

  4. Deep chest sound of experience

    RE/MAX will soon be celebrating its 50th anniversary worldwide. A long history and continuous growth tell us that things have been done right and customers are happy with us. They also say that we know how to innovate: in an ever-changing field, we can only succeed by being one step ahead of others all the time.

  5. Continuous learning furnace

    RE / MAX real estate agents are constantly trained. We support the professional development of our brokers and provide each broker with the opportunity to develop their own skills.

    For you, this means that your broker is aware of the latest trends in the industry and you can rely on her professionalism.

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