Your home is important. It is also probably a significant part of your wealth. Therefore it does matter who will take care of selling your home. 

Dreams and needs will change during different life situations. It is same with housing. A reliable partner will offer you a priceless support and help you make the right choices.

Once the decision to sell the apartment has been made, it is time to take action. Trust the sale of your property for capable hands – choose RE/MAX.

We will take care of all matters related to your home sale and we will sell your property at the best possible price. You can expect the news about successful home sales with confidence.

By trusting us the selling of your property, you will receive:

  1. The widest market visibility: You will get the best marketing for reaching the right buyers. 

    RE/MAX agent takes responsibility of the entire selling process and keeps you up to date on its progress.

  2.  Personal agent for your convenience

    RE/MAX agent takes responsibility of the entire selling process and keeps you up to date on its progress.

  3. Support and secure

    Your agent knows the law and always follows the Good Brokerage Practice. You can also safely leave the preparation and review of documents to your broker. 

  4. The best possible price

    Your agent is a sales professional whose job is to get the best possible price for your apartment. 

  5. You only pay for the result

    You only pay the brokerage fee when the transaction takes action and there is no hidden costs.


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Would now be the right time to sell a property? Let’s find out!

The agent always bases the price estimation on the information he/she has acquired according to the regional knowledge, such as the price development of the residential area and the housing transactions that has taken place recently.

During the review agent gets to know your property and you – what wishes and thoughts you may have regarding the selling process. You will get a clear picture of the progress of selling process as well as the price estimation prepared by a professional. 

The review is free and does not bind you to anything.


Book a free valuation



This is how the selling process will progress


  1. Invite an agent for a review visit.
  2. Signing an assignment agreement/ purchase agreement? and beginning of the sale preparations.
  3. The selling starts.
  4. The offer is accepted, and the transaction is completed.
  5. After sales arrangements and moving out.  


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